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About Family Law

Legal rights and responsibilities can arise at any stage of a relationship, in any kind of relationship and at any stage of life–from a single encounter resulting in the birth of a child, to living together late in life.  They may begin with a birth and continue after death.

Many people believe they know their rights and responsibilities based on what they’ve heard from friends and family members, seen on TV, or read online.  But legal rights and responsibilities depend on the specific facts in each situation.  They change over time as our lives and relationships change and the law changes.  In every kind of relationship, rights can end if you don’t act on them in a timely way. Responsibilities–especially financial ones–can get out of control if you ignore them and they don’t always end after a relationship ends or just because you can’t agree about them. Misunderstandings can happen if you rely on informal or verbal agreements. Financial and parenting arrangements can be difficult to change if you settle things “just for now” even though it’s not really what you want.

Family legal rights and responsibilities are dictated by law unless you have an agreement that says otherwise.

Get advice about your rights and responsibilities.  Learn how to protect yourself and avoid relationship problems from the beginning–or how to resolve them at the end.

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